Questions to Ask

When you begin any building project, here are some sample questions to ask.

  • What is a good design for our needs?
  • What is a building code? Does it effect us? How does it work? What doesn’t it do?
  • Who is responsible, overall, for my building project?
  • What are good sizes and proportions for rooms? What style do I want?
  • What am I really getting from the builder?
  • What problems do I have in my current house that I don’t want to repeat?
  • Where can I find answers and help? How do I make my desires known?
  • What does that line on the drawing mean?
  • What is a dispute; a lien?
  • What are specifications? Does the builder write and provide them?
  • What if my builder does something in a way I don’t like? Is the house going to be complete; will something be left out?
  • When will the house be finished?
  • What is a contract? How do I play a part in it? What does it say?
  • What is “an extra”?
  • Is that a good material, I’ve never heard of it?
  • Can I change things?
  • Who picks the color of the paint, wall coverings, etc.?
  • Is landscaping included? Sod? Seed? mud and rocks? Slopes? Are landscape features guaranteed?
  • What if I disagree with the builder? Can I stop the work?
  • Am I allowed on the job site? Can I inspect the work as it goes up? Can I bring someone with me?
  • I really want this ________________in the house — how do I get exactly that?
  • I can buy the light fixtures from my brother– but who will hang them? What do I do?
  • Should I close on the mortgage and pay the builder in full? I have several items that I don’t like – must I still close?
  • Why do we have to make all these trips to pick things out?

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